Training 101-US: XStudio usage training

You will find here our video for english speaking users.
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Topic Date Download
Generalities and SUT
Your first login into XStudio 2017-02-14  
Discovering the top menu 2017-02-14  
Left bar menu and tree management 2017-02-14  
Product, Project Portfolio management - SUT tree structure 2017-02-14  
Understand traceability and coverage 2017-02-14  
SUT details and custom fields 2017-02-14  
SUT coverage by requirements 2017-02-14  
SUT meters and numbers, setting user preferences 2017-02-14  
SUT result, bug and attachements tabs (and global document management) 2017-02-14  
SUT - revisions and changes; using the global audit log 2017-02-14  
Generic usage tips
Using the filter and unfilter button 2017-03-02  
Seeing the traceability matrices 2017-03-03  
Collapsing, expanding and refreshing trees 2017-03-03  
Freezing/unfreezing and Signing objects 2017-03-03  
Panes redimension 2017-03-03  
Timetags 2017-03-03  
Requirements (and Specifications) chapter
Requirement tree structure (agile example) 2017-02-26  
Button and grouped actions 2017-02-26  
Requirement risks 2017-02-26  
Tests and test cases chapter
Managing the test tree 2017-03-04  
Adding a manual test, test case and procedure 2017-03-04  
Adding an automated test 2017-03-04  
Using the SCAN tool to automatically reference existing automated tests 2017-02-26  
Using tests cases params 2017-03-04  
Using tests attributes 2017-03-04  
Requesting assets 2017-03-04  
Creating and using reusable test cases 2017-03-04  
Managing Test Author and Developper 2017-03-xx  
Managing tests dependencies 2017-03-xx  
Campaigns and Sessions chapter
Full regression testing - SUT based test selection 2017-02-26  
Feature testing - Requirement based test selection 2017-02-26  
Feature RBT testing - High Risk Requirement Based test selection 2017-02-26  
Running automated sessions 2017-03-02  
Pausing and stopping an automated sessions 2017-03-02  
Reviewing sessions results 2017-03-02  
Residual campaigns - what for and how ? 2017-03-01  
Merging sessions into a new consolidated campaign - what for and how ? 2017-03-01  
Using exploratory sessions and taking notes with PDNL 2017-03-02  
Managing access and action rights 2016-08-16  
Using XStudio in conjunction with JIRA 2017-07-19  
Benefits of the smart KPI from v3.2 2017-08-18  
Understand how XStudio calculates coverage for requirements 2017-08-18  
Configuring and using XContinuousIntegration 2017-08-23